These people prey on people who have the slightest self-doubt

They look for a nitch in the armor of good people who have good intentions. I sat in my first Quixtar meeting listening to a guy named Dick Wilson say things like, “Do you want to continue being a failure all your life?” This question may make most people angry, but this is a way of weeding out the undesirables. It is shock thearpy, but in a very bad way. There are 40 or 50 other people at these meetings who are already brainwashed, and all of them wearing their one best suit of clothes because they are told they have to portray a positive view of everything. The all gather around you and tell you how happy they are since joining quixtar and how wonderful life will be and how they all are going to help you. If they were sinking on the Titanic, they would all be standing on deck telling each other how pretty water was till they were dead. If one of them started to complain, they are taught that even listening to a negative thought or word will cause them to, “go back to being a failure like they were in the past”. The leaders of this cult are pure evil. The keep telling you that success is right around the corner if you will just stick with “the plan”.
Think of it as getting slight fever. A normal person would slow down from their regular pace of life, rest, drink plenty of fluids and possibly consult a doctor. Quixtar would tell you that it is not a fever that is slowing you down. They will tell you that is it is all in your mind and that drinking water is just admitting to the negative thought you are ill. As you get worse, they remind you to look at all the other successful people around you, and that THEY have learned to put aside the negativity and become successful. As you get worse, they tell you that you need to work harder, and buy tapes and books to learn to overcome your false ideas that are causing your negativity which in turn is making you think you are sick. Most people would notice it and get treatment, but Quixtar tells you that if you that if you admit the sickness is there, you are already a failure. They tell you to ignore it and so you get weaker and deeper into their cult…and they are a cult. Dick Wilson actualy told me that he and his wife never get sick and that the reason my wife was disabled was because of my negativity.
Some Quixtar leaders present it as a new business idea. Others, like my group, presented it as doing God’s will by meeting the needs of others through Quixtar. They told us it was our job as fellow belivers in God to help too, or we would not be pleasing God. There is nothing they will not say to get you hooked and keep you hooked. You are not even allowed to ask questions if the answer could possibly be a negative one. If you ask “Why?”, you are told you are lacking in faith and you should feel ashmed of yoruself for causing other to fail with your negativity. If you continue to ask or complain even a short time, the entire group will not ony stop listening to you, but will totally cut you off from all communications. The word is passed through out the group that you are now an undesirable. When I quit I told the head man and then called the person who signed me up a few hours later. The word had already been passed. All the guy who signed me up would say was that he had been told he could not talk to me. He was total brainwashing!.
In my opinion the people who head Quixtar should be held responsible for crimes as bad as murder. The year I was in it 5 people killed themselves. There was a youth pastor who taught the kids at his church that the only way to happiness was to do God will, and that was to follow Quixtar plan to the point of ignoring everyone who said anything negative, including their parents. People who are the least bit desparate or feel they need to take a chance to “make it big” will listen…and then the Quixtar leaches will suck the life out of them. In my opinion the leaders of Quixtar are liars, thives, home wreckers and murderers. Keep inmind that the guilty ones are the few at the top. They rest are unsuspecting victims. Occasionally one of the victims finds favor with one of the top people and is “invited into the special top bunch” which makes a ton of money off selling the teaching CD’s and materials to the group. It is at that point they make the transition from victim to attacker.
If you are a couple, they will start telling the woman that unless she pleases her man physically, she will be the cause of his failure and they will both fail. An by pleasing I do not mean bringing him a cup of coffee and a newspaper. Whether religious beliefs are used, or just business tricks, the Quixtar cult is all about control.