Thanks to everyone for their responses

For others struggling with a family member in a cult, I’m finding Steven Hassan’s book very helpful. I agree that confrontation will not work. It just makes him distrust us. I’m looking to build trust with him right now in hopes that he will see me as an ally rather than a parent who doesn’t get it.

My son keeps saying he’s not in it for the money – he’s doing this to help other people. One of the reasons he is so enamored of Quixtar is because he feels he has gotten many non-financial things from the business: friends, a sense of belonging and purpose, dreams, hope, spirituality, etc. He said he’s always wanted to ‘save the world’ and this is how he’s going to do it. When I hear that, it scares me the most because just losing money isn’t going to deter him from ‘his dream’.

It would help me to hear people’s stories of how they decided to get out of their MLM business. What kinds of things did your family or friends do that helped you to quit ‘the business’? What helped you to see this thing was a scam and get out? Were there actions taken or things said by family members or friends that affected your thinking? If so, what were they? I understand everyone is different, but it would help me to hear what others found helpful in their experience.