Its not easy helping someone to think outside the fog

Questions said in a non confrontational way where the answers SHOULD make them think on their own is what I mean. Like, “So how much money exactly does your sponsor make…I mean, really make after you deduct expenses?” The trick I suppose is feigning an actual interest in his business without supporting it (or enabling him). But you’ll be asking questions that they are used to hearing from naysayers. Mind you these are normal questions that anyone should visit when getting involved in any business venture but MLMers are taught that those who ask them are “negative”. How much time do you spend, how much money do you make, how many people actually make any money, etc. will all usually get you some sort of hostile response.

I’m not sure there’s anything anyone can actually do to help someone see through the cult like fog of MLM BUT I will say that for me, being somewhat vocal to my family/friends about my research and feelings on MLMs….has helped. Some family members thought briefly about getting involved in an MLM but with them knowing my stand, asked me some questions first, approached it hesitantly and at the first sign of trouble (which happened before they even received their initial order…thank you Arbonne) they bailed out.