I personally wouldn’t see the point in going to a meeting

Believe me, as PW shared, they ARE prepared for your critical questions. I went to one MLM meeting with my husband. Even when I was pro MLM and “working the business” we were still a bit in shock at the “rah rah rah” idolization and almost worship of the MLM head and top distributors. As they encouraged us to bring potential distributors to these meetings, I remember thinking, “yeah right…I’d be too embarrassed to bring anyone here”.

The only thing I can think of to relate this to is how I have learned to parent, especially in the toddler years (though it still works now). Kids want no direction from parents at certain phases and in order to get through it,we would calmly in a non chalant manner state the consequences of certain actions WITHOUT attachment to outcome. Once they know what you want them to do, its over.

For instance, if green beans are not eaten, then there is no dessert. But I do not put a lot of energy into getting them to eat the green beans, I state the consequence and walk away not showing anything on my part for a desired outcome. Eat the green beans, don’t eat them…it is up to them.
Their choice, they have the control.

It might be a good frame of mind to reference if/when you do pose questions to your son. I feel for you. And hope your son sees through the fog sooner than later.