I have been enjoying massage school over all

I need help though. Yesterday in massage class, we talked about aromatherapy. How it works ect. The teacher asked all of us what our favorite scents where and why and the crazy mlm chick did it again. She said “I love the scents as soon as I walk into my house”. “I have a candle business and I sell them and I love my candle biz”. She adressed the whole class including the teacher. She is really starting to push the schools limits and I see other peoples tolerance levels being tested.

Anybody know the polite way to handle this and is there a legal way? It’s very distracting and destructive to the learning and non judgemental environment they have. Should I get a petition together with the other classmates?

The teacher also asked another question about our “why we love our favorite scents”, the mlm girl tried to answer in an mlm speak way and at least the teacher cut her off this time. Kudo’s to the teacher!