I am responding to your inquiry

about how others decided for themselves to get out of the business. My parents joined the business when I was 12. My dad quickly saw through the BS, did independent research and quit the business. My mother was taken in and is to this day 100% sold on “the system.” (My parents have, by some miracle, stayed married but the strain Quixtar has caused on the marriage is very evident.)

When I graduated high school at 18 I began attending functions with my Mom and became totally engrossed in the system. I did attend college; however, I did not take it seriously and used it more as a way to meet potential recruits than for education. My three best friends completed college and went on to law school and medical school. I felt sorry for them because I knew that by the time they got out of school I’d be a diamond – we would all be wealthy but they would have to work and I wouldn’t. I was completely unconcerned about the future – I’d listen to tapes, sell products and be retired on a beach by the age of 25.

When I was 21 my upline encouraged my boyfriend and I to marry and focus on the business, and we did so. I am not one who tries to blame the negative in my life completely on Quixtar – I like to think that even in the thick of things I was still somewhat capable of thinking for myself – but I do know that without Quixtar my marriage would have had a stronger chance of success. For one, we would not have married so young. Secondly, we would not have blown our finances on The System to the point where, literally, we could barely eat, much less pay our bills. The system took its toll and I got divorced at 26 after 5 years of marriage. I’m not sure we even had a real marriage; our honeymoon consisted of going to a function and we were trusting and young and did everything our upline said.

At this point I began a lot of self-searching and wondered why my marriage had failed, why I was not in fact as successful as my friends who had now graduated from law school and medical school, why I was watching my own parents’ marriage crumble, etc.

I don’t know why but I did a search for Quixtar on the internet. I had been told a million times not to look at negative websites because they were full of false information put on the internet by losers who were not strong enough to build Quixtar. I put aside that notion just for a moment and looked at some of the websites – I have never felt more like a traitor in my life. I found a book by Eric Scheibler called “Merchants of Deception” and stayed up until 2:00 a.m. that same night finishing it. Things began to click – I had met Mr. Scheibler and been at many of the events mentioned in his book. I sent my father an email. He had never been pushy over the years – he was smart enough to know that challenging the system would only push me farther into it. However, once I brought the subject up, he sent me some case law regarding the Quixtar busines and especially the support system. I began to read and learn. At first I was filled with doubt, then as I came to accept, was overridden with guilt at all the people I had inadvertently hurt through my Quixtar business (which still bothers me today.) I was angry, confused, worried for my mother, thankful that I had gotten out, and unsure of what to do next. I was so used to asking for upline support when making decisions that I didn’t know how to make it on my own.

I’m now almost 29 and have been free of the business for 4 year. I honestly, for the first time I can remember, love my life. It wasn’t an easy road, but I think for myself, have a wonderful boyfriend and a great job, and can make friends naturally without thinking of the entire world as prospects. It was a long journey for me and it might be for your son as well, but hang in there and try not to give up.

Sorry, this turned more into my life story than a helpful answer for you. If you can get him to read Mr. Scheibler’s book it may help.
However, don’t force it on him – perhaps download it to the computer and he will come across it on his own. People all along tried to tell me I was in a cult, but until I started to question and doubt on my own, I didn’t listen to them. Just be there, love him and be there when the light does come on.