Have you had a chance to read back through the posts on the message board?

Lenna and I both have sons in Quixtar. We have the same concerns and feelings about this MLM as you do, as well as many others at this forum. You probably won’t find the magic answer you were hoping to find, but you will find lots of information, suggestions and support. Talking with others that know and understand first hand what it is like to have someone you love in a MLM has truely been a gift for me.

Chip and Deb suggested that your son pay rent if he is still living at home. I think that is a good idea because that’s part of being an adult and also so that ALL their money can’t be spent on QS products.
My son lives at home. He pays rent (weekly), has a car payment, has his own car insurance (not under mine), and has his own cell phone bill. I know that my son would be paying more for rent if he wasn’t living at home, plus he would have utility bills, which would leave him with less money for Quixtar products. The flip side to that is #1.I think that if he is living at home I have a better chance at asking questions that may plant the seeds that get him out of QS and #2.The money that he pays for rent I put in a separate savings account in my name, which he doesn’t know anything about, so that one day when he gets out of this scam if he is in debt that money can be used for that. If he doesn’t have debt the money can be used for furniture for an apartment or maybe saved for a down payment on a house. I figure it will help with a start to a new life.