Mary Ann –

these observations come from me as someone who’s casually observed the tendencies of friends’ kids who are also either bipolar or OCD – I have no background in psychology or medicine.

You seem to have a double-edged problem here – a son who’s been sucked into a blog who wants him to “conform”…..and he suffers from a condition that seems prone to addictions. From reading posts on this forum, I’m convinced there’s a LOT of people who get addicted to the artificial “high” that surrounds these Motivational Forums. They LOVE the “excitement” and “love” and “positive attitude” that everyone seems to exude. But they’re TRAINED to be that way, and yes, because they try to separate their recruit from the rest of the naysayers (that would be you!)…they DO operate like a cult.

And you son needs to be handled like he has an addiction. Do NOT help him financially or be an enabler…but DO ask questions that hopefully will make him question what he’s doing. There’s some helpful stories in the files section, of others who have helped their loved one escape the pull of the AMOs.

I was in Amway back in the 1990s

as well as Reliv & Freelife in the 90s as well. I highly recommend you read Steve Hassan’s book, “Releasing The Bonds: Empowering People to Think for Themselves”, and read the information on his website on Amway/Quixtar. Read on both Amway & Quixtar. Quixtar is going to be called Amway Global, as he international ‘business’ is called now. This should make it easier for others to know they are Amway. Quixtar was just a different name for Amway in the USA (& I think Canada, but not sure). They will probably do even worse, after they go back to the Amway name. They are going to have other changes. I don’t know what they are, or why they are doing them.
Does anyone know what they are, or might be, and why they are implementing the changes?