This, right here, along with your previous attempt at posting

shows you do NOT know what this group is about. In the email you’re sent when you join the group it tells you about the group and tells you what to read before posting to this group. In that material it states clearly that there is no effort toward balancing our discussion. As far as we are concerned, ALL MLMs are bad. Why? Well, when you’ve got people who have lost loved ones to an MLM, then coming in here, to a survivor’s group and saying, “I’ve got a good MLM” is like going into AA or Al-Anon and saying, “Hey, I know you’ve had trouble in the past, but try this beer. It’s not like the rest.”
You are careless, thoughtless, and egocentric. Yes, those are personal attacks and people here know I don’t use personal attacks, but in this case, I can back it up. You were sent, on joining, material to tell you about this group. You didn’t read it. You barged right into a group of people who have been hurt by MLMs. Some of us have seen our children, parents, loved ones, and friends brainwashed by MLMs and had relationships and families destroyed by them. And with all that pain, you want to barge in here and tell us, “Hey, some are good.” That’s careless and thoughtless. Even when you were told that it was clear you had not read what this group is about, you still insisted on jumping in and having your say. That’s egocentric.