I know you won’t post this but feel it is important enough to try

Recently a member asked for help with a problem and like Hal I providered that member with how they should handle their issue.
I received a thank from them because what I recomended took care of the issue.
Hal and I have already had a run in because both of us feel deeply about certain issues, which we seem to have different outlooks on.
I was burned by a “bad” MLM company big time. Being honest if someone mentioned MLM I went off on them. BUT much later in life I was talked into “LOOKING” at an opportunity. That one happen to be a company that puts it people first.
All I am saying is please don’t judge all by the ones that scam it’s people. Be wise enough to completely check them out before you do anything and that includes rejecting them off hand.
Ask the people here what they know about the company and check other sources as well. Do the research before you commit either way.
I wish you as many blessing as there are grains of sand.